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Do you have a complaints policy?

We take complaints seriously and deal with all ‘good faith’ complaints. We have a formal complaints policy which:

  1. 1. is fair, open and transparent
  2. 2. is systematic and straightforward
  3. 3. is confidential
  4. 4. ensures we adopt a positive approach when managing complaints, with both complainant and respondent
  5. 5. involves DAAS representatives at the appropriate level and right up to the CEO if necessary
  6. 6. ensures we deal with complaints in a timely manner.

What is a ‘good faith’ complaint?

We only deal with good faith complaints. These are complaints that meet all these conditions:

  • are made only after the complainant has made every effort to resolve the problem before approaching DAAS
  • are substantiated with evidence
  • are not subject to legal or regulatory or administrative action
  • are not based on hearsay
  • are not an attempt to discredit or engage in lobbying and/or influencing
  • relate to the performance of an DAAS employee or a certification or inspection body we have accredited.

How do I make a complaint?

All complaints must be made in writing to the Chief Executive Officer.
Complete this complaints form and submit it to DAAS.

Your relationship with DAAS
Do you allow DAAS to refer the matter to parties involved in the investigation of the complaint

Who is your complaint about? *
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